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Towards the end of the 15th century, when living conditions became more stable, table-knives first appeared. Little by little, the knife-making industry experienced a grat growth and achieved greater technical perfection thanks to the idea of soldering the steel blades to handles of melted iron, thus gaining a cheap product with a sharper cutting potential.

The Western European knife industry tended to be concentred in specific cities: Solingen (Germany), Sheffield (England), Florence (Italy) or Albacete (Spain).

Albacete and its province (Madrigueras) are "par excellence" knife manufacturing lands - a tradition inherted from the Arabs. It's character as an offensive and defensive weapon led to the inscription on the blades: "Neither draw me without reason nor sheat me without honour"

The manufacturing technique in times past involved superstitious rites such as recital of prayers and formulae in order to acheive a perfect timing of the process: "Blessed be the hour of God's birth. Our Lady Mary gave birth to him. The iron is hot. The water moulds. A good temper we shall have. If God Wishes"

In modern times, the industry is envolving in two aspects: Mechanization involving mass production and pure artesan workmanship producing pieces of grat beauty and perfect finish, made by true experts.

In 1977 the knife manufacturing co-operative of SAN JORGE was created. Since then, the imprevements in production have been constant and succesful.

Today SAN JORGE transforms prime quality raw materials into instruments which satisfactorily pass the strictest controls. This has been possible thanks to the continued support of our clients and representatives.

Thanks to our experience and dedication and our use of the latest technologies, our knives are known and respected throughout the European Market, a fact wich encourages us to continue every day towards new improvements.


Since 1977 and until our days the canges to improve the manufacture have been big and continuous. Today SAN JORGE transforms raw material of first quality in an instrument capable to respond to the most stricted controls in a satisfactory way.

All this is due to the support from our clients and representatives to whom we never thank enough their interest and effort done. With our experience, dedication and betting on the new technology, our knives are demanded in all the European Market.

But even so, we keep fighting to succeed and to get SAN JORGE to be between the first world brands.

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