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SAN JORGE has been awarded several times with honors at set pieces, quality and finish.



Our knives respected 100% quality standards instilled for years by our teachers to make each piece unique and brilliant, both for everyday home use and professional use.



Blending the most ancient techniques made available by our ancestors along yearswith new advances in technology machinery we got a quality product which our clients revere and help us move forward and adapting to the times.



Our team consists of professionals equipped with the most sophisticated knowledge and experience to make a metal piece an artwork. Each of these workers have devoted their entire lives learning the art of making a good knife.



We strive every day to do our job professionally, it's because we don't rest until a piece collect all the stringent quality requirements required by ourselves. We want each piece to be unique which has made SAN JORGE brand be known throughout the continent.

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Carretera Iniesta nº6, 02230 Madrigueras (AB)